Range of characters for experimental artist film
Helen Flanagan
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An absurd short artist film:

Gestures of Matter deals with the chain of events within a fast food restaurant, focusing on the forces of connection and disconnection related to the back-and-forth pull of social, economic and environmental pressures placed on the body. Work, taste, finance and desire come into conflict with the transactions present within the service economy.

woman 20-40 years
A depressed and subservient waitress, who takes the shape of the aquatic blobfish (revered as the ugliest animal in the world). She is overweight and middle-aged woman. She serves everyone in an eloquent way and hides her disdain at her position. She wears the blobfish mask.

male 40-70 years
A demanding older male customer who critiques the service and food of the establishment in the shape of an elaborate bad food review. The stiff male critic who reviews the service and food. He wears a neck brace. He enjoys complaining and has his own matter of taste. He intrudes on other peoples business.

woman 25 - 45 years
A single mother reflects on money, value and exchange whilst sorting out her loose change. The single mother who is reflective on economics. With little cash she stacks her pennies high as if it were a balancing act, she makes message/illustrations with her money.

woman 50 - 75 years
One elderly woman analyses the food in relation to the body, dissecting her meal delicately like a surgeon. She is the intellectual female scientist who reflects on the world and the food in relation to the body.

male 40 - 50 years
A middle-aged man in a grubby dressing gown takes part in an eating challenge, whilst his hungry dog watches him obediently.

semi-professionele productie


A wide range of characters who will learn lines in English. Actors should be able to get to Rotterdam, ideally they live close.

Two days in late January/early Febuary 2020. Exact dates to be confirmed

Wat bieden wij?
100 euro artist fee (2 days = 200 euro)
being part of a professional production that will be shown in a large solo exhibition
documentation of the film shoot

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Bericht geplaatst door: Helen Flanagan
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Op: 12-11-2019 / 1200 x bekeken
Categorie: Marktconforme betaling/vergoeding , 10-18 , 18-30 , 30-50 , 50+ , Man , Vrouw
Verloopt op: 10-01-2020
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