Maria Brants
Elise suffers from a severe form of dementia called frontotemporal dementia. Her husband and son also suffer the consequences of her disease. Credits: Cast: Maria Brants as Elise, Ton Feil as Victor Pinto, Bram Gerrits as Guus Story by Jurriaan Strous and Oscar Paling Crew: Director: Jurriaan Strous, Director of Photography: Oscar Paling, Camera: Douglas Robson, Sound: Can Aydinoglu, Music: Fani Konstantinidou, Editor: Elwin Levels, Production: Yvet Vrijmoed, Productionassistent: Ronen Eldar, Slating en social media: Mike van Dooyeweert, Candlelighter: Marijn Liek, Behind the scenes: Robin Boekhout This film was made for the 48 hour film project Amsterdam 2012 by Independent Film Artists Network -