Method Acting in Amsterdam with ROBERT CASTLE from NY
Jenny Hsia

ROBERT CASTLE has throughout his career as actor, director and teacher worked with such modern icons as SEAN PENN, JEFF GOLDBLUM, MICHELLE PFEIFFER, BROOKE SHIELDS, JANE FONDA and CHARLES DURNING, trained many international celebrities and produced and collaborated in numerous landmark productions both in New York and abroad. For more than 20 years Robert has guided generations of actors, all over the world, in discovering the true Method approach to acting. Continuing the work of STANISLAVSKI, STRASBERG (with whom he studied), and others, and imparting his own innovative techniques, Robert’s workshops and training help to constantly bring the art to new heights.

His workshops have been worldwide celebrated throughout Paris, Berlin, Milan, Stockholm, Brazil and many more cities but this summer from August 30th - Sep 10 he will have his first workshop in AMSTERDAM!

The Intensive Acting Workshop
You will be working on one scene and one monologue that are given to you a week or so ahead the workshop. Robert's version of The Method is a very effective and energetic way to help you deepen your realistic acting (and to put away your inner judge) visibly! He helps you to approach the Sensory Work in a delicate and very clear way, after giving you tools to relax and make your body, breath and mind ready and balanced the way you and your character need. He helps you in the understanding of scenes using several newly discovered tools without losing the responsibility of telling a story. He gives you the chance to enter a zone in which you can perceive the inner artistic work as an actor and at the same time to be aware of and interact effectively with your partner and your circumstances as the character. The responsibility of carrying a play or a script is enormous and will be learned in the most personal and touching way YOU can. Going away from a stereotype of a character and towards your own truth: this is Robert's goal.

Due to the individualized nature of the training, spaces are limited, so register now. We look forward to working with you!

For registration and questions please contact :

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