English Breakfast, Iran comes to the UK
Zoë Kiani

For the short fiction film English Breakfast de film we need one of our main characters: Winston. He is the hotel manager and eventually father figure for the main character, Majid, in our story.

The story retells the true story of an Iranian teenager who leaves Iran on his own in the Iranian revolution in 1979 and moves to london. We see the first few days when he arrives in London. Almost the whole movie plays out in his hotel. We see how he struggles with the constrasts in these cultures. A film about the price of freedom and coming home in a world full of strangers.

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semi-professionele productie



- Male
- White
- British accent (very important!)
- Between age 55 - 70
- Able to travel

The filming days are 23 untill 27 march in Antwerp. The travel, food and hotel are all covered for. Unfortunately we dont have the budget to be able to pay all actors but there will definitely be a low payment present seeing as this is the second biggest part in our film.

Wat bieden wij?
A week of filming with an amazing, mostly professional crew who are all putting in their time to create this amazing story. Especially with everything that is going on we think its extra important to make this movie and better the communication between the west & the middle east. We will also be sending this movie to multiple film festivals and see great potential for it.

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Bericht geplaatst door: Zoë Kiani
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Op: 10-01-2020 / 518 x bekeken
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