Need male models

I'm a student on Rietveld Academie, direction photography. I am during developing my project about human's body. The project is showing the body as a sculpture or object which still have human inside.
Two examples of a project (name: Body 1., Body 2.) you can see here:

Choosen photos from a photoshoot I'm editing, so identity of a person is not possible to recognize.



For my project I need two male persons, who can pose almost nude together (thongs with human color body are allowed or skirt which I will provide). Regular people or dancers. There is no sexual subtext during making this project. It concentrates fully on a body and its appearance. Both persons have to feel comfortable to make contact, interact - from a dance knowledge I can compare this to CONTACT IMPROVISATION. Fully professional approach.

You can contact me by email:

from 4th of December and so on

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As a gratification for taking part in the photo-session: one body portrait (as in my project) for each of participants.

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Op: 04-12-2017 / 586 x bekeken
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