Seeking Native Actors and Actresses for testing scenes
Robert Prein

My name is Robert and we are currently in pre-production of a shortfilm called Colors. This is an action movie with dancing. We would like to test a few of the scenes from the script. That is why we're looking for native English actors and actresses (British, American or Australian).

Most scenes will be shot in Amsterdam.

Brian wakes up in a field, clothes all ripped and body feeling totally sore. He is surrounded by a hundred people looking as worn down as he does. Then he sees Jenny, a former classmate from highschool. She is the smart, quiet, nerdy type. Together with Jenny and supported by his wife Lyanne, Brian is determined to find out what happened that night before...

professionele productie / lowbudget

Amsterdam and elsewhere

2-3 Actors playing age 30-80 (fluent in English, play Chiefs of a Government organisation)
1 Actresses, playing age 25-30 (fluent in English, plays Jenny and Lyanne)

No dates are set yet, but aim for the last week of July/first week of August. This will be discussed with cast and crew.

Wat bieden wij?
Please note that we cannot offer any compensation in money.

What then? I want you to have a good time doing your thing. Therefore I am open to the experiment; do whatever feels right, be creative, improvise, come up with your own ideas that you would like to try out and be original.

We would be more than happy if you would be willing to work together on a project that we think should be told to the world. We have lots of passion and believe that this project is worth telling and therefore worth testing. However, as this session will be testing for the real movie, the material cannot be used for your showreel.

Therefore, please see this as an opportunity to work together with and get to know other film-loving, determined-to-succees movie-makers in the field. Again, no promises made, but succesful collaborations could lead to collaborations for the real shootings.

We would be very grateful for your time and help!

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Bericht geplaatst door: Robert Prein
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Op: 17-07-2017 / 690 x bekeken
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